10 Jun

Next weekend is toilet project weekend. We are ripping out our complex holding tank/maceration toilet system and installing a very basic dry head (techically a desiccating system). Our space is funky, so rather than buy a premanufactured one, we are going to build the cabinet for our own. The only part we need is a urine diverter (pee and poo are dealt with separately).

If you aren’t familiar and want detail, here it is! Pee is funneled off into a holding system, while the poo goes into a bucket where it’s mixed with things that help kill the moisture and desiccate it. We will be blogging more, but this impending project has generated lots of great pooversations on Tango.

We were so excited to get this in the mail!


Separett urine diverter

2 Responses to “Pooversations”

  1. Sandra Dieterich January 30, 2017 at 5:38 pm #

    Where did you purchase this diverter?

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